• Hadith


    Created on: Thursday, 18 August 2016
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    This group has been created for the benefit of sharing authentic hadiths.
  • Islamic Finance

    Islamic Finance

    Created on: Thursday, 01 September 2016
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    News, discussions, changes rulings relating to islamic banking, financing, business, modaraba, musharaka, ishara. Modern technological shifts that enable an Islamic halal economy. Join the conversation!
  • Marketing World: Google | SEO | Inbound | Content | Social Media | Influencer
    This is the place for all things marketing: -digital marketing -copywriters -content marketing -social media marketing -traditional marketing -influencer marketing -referral marketing -paid traffic (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Adwords ad campaigns, PPC) -real time advertising -SEO Discuss real-time advertising, pro
  • Startups and Entrepreneurship

    Startups and Entrepreneurship

    Created on: Wednesday, 24 August 2016
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    Entrepreneur? Aspiring to be? Mentor? This is the place to be! More soon, inshaAllah.
  • Healthy Happy Living: Natural Wellbeing

    Healthy Happy Living: Natural Wellbeing

    Created on: Friday, 19 August 2016
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    Assalamualaikum and welcome! This group is for those seeking true health and wellbeing (aafia) and willing to commit to doing what it takes: exercise, clean eating, spiritual and emotional detox, cleansing and alternative therapies. Let us find the true health we were created with.
  • Google for Business

    Google for Business

    Created on: Thursday, 18 August 2016
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    In digital advertising, Google takes centre stage. This group is set up to encourage discussion among marketers, SEO, PPC, Web Designers, social media experts & all advertisers (both experienced and those who just want to learn). Let's share our knowledge and help one another to achieve success.
  • INCDP(International Networking for Child Development and Protection
    Background: As Amnesty International's report from their Children's Action 1999 campaign mentions, "To guarantee the human rights of children is to invest in the future". Many nations, it would seem, fail to realize this.Children are the most vulnerable group of the society. Despite the international community initially recognized a chil
  • Learn Arabic!

    Learn Arabic!

    Created on: Wednesday, 26 October 2016
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    Share resources on learning Arabic! Lots more coming, soon...