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Monday, 15 May 2017
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Mohammad A A Sardar
Salam-mu-Aali-kum. In the name of Allah, our Creator, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful


The Noble Qur’an says: 2:164
(Please also read 10:22, 14:32, 17:66-67, 22:65, 23:27, 29, 30:46, 35:12….)

Take | Pack| Load | Carry | Discharge | Unpack | Deliver

Heading 1
1. A method that may help us to stand stronger
2. A method that may help us to protect Muslims from hatred of hypocrites
3. Trillion dollar opportunity for over a billion Muslims of all corner of the world
4. Transport sector, is the mother of all business, may make us stand stronger

Heading 2
We are made to stay poor, by the enemy of the Muslim Community in particular and enemy of the Humanity in general. What exactly are the tools they use to keep us poor as society, community, nation, since long?
Currently our enemies doing it for us and we are paying for it. Not as favor! It is costly affairs and deeply penetrated by those we wish to avoid, badly.

Further progress of Muslims around the world deeply dependent on our economic strengths, job opportunities for our youths and extraordinary people and development of a method for our youths to dream realistically for future opportunities. We need innovative ways to introduce superiority, in terms of economy in the same manner as faith, acts and deeds.
It is clearly visible in various society of different countries that poverty challenging level of faith of many of us.
One of the most widespread and dangerous problems faced by humanity is: poverty, hunger and starvation. There is nothing more horrifying than the realization that while we are enjoying our happy life here, millions of our fellow human beings living with poverty, hunger and face starvation. The majority of the world’s population today lives in poverty, hunger and starvation. It is clear that the world’s systems that we see today is unjust and inhumane.
If Allah wanted them to have food, He would have fed them anyway. Shell we feed such a one whom if Allah willed, He would fed. In the same verse Allah says that such people are in “MANIFEST ERROR” (36:47).
Zak’at, Sadaq’ah in form of money that flows in to our society is not enough to solve our problems on long term basis. Duty of every Muslim to every human and duty of every man, woman to each and every man, woman must not be ignored.
It is indeed mandatory to emerge as financially strong community across the world (in the same fashion as Aga Khan’s followers, kind of) with aim to create a chain of workforce around the world, to accommodate as many youths as possible, to generate regular and stable income for our youths and elderly that too from jobs in the same strengths as our faith.
Many things remain unchanged no matter we are believing or not. Some of the things we are to continue doing, as it is now, no matter we like it or not.
We live or we don’t, a few things has to continue so long Allah does not turn the switch of the world off.
Some requirements are indeed essential, some activities are unstoppable, some businesses are indispensable, some wishes are unforgettable, and some privileges are undeniable. Within it innovation, exploration must continue and opportunities must be created and/or problems must be converted in to opportunities, prosperities.
Until new method invented aero plane must continue to fly so airports must continue to function, ships must continue to sail, goods must continue to move, ports must remain open.
Alternative to transport is simply beyond human capacity. Unless Allah orders otherwise goods must be transported across the ocean around the world. Zero alternative. Costly and/or very costly transportation system has to continue, cost would not make much difference in terms of movement of goods especially those which are essential. Even if transportation cost goes beyond imagination goods has to move and ships has to continue to sail across the ocean.
Beside Allah none could stop movements of goods. When goods has to move someone has to pack, stuff in to a bag, carton and/or in a container, carry the same in to port, load it on board the ship, ship has to sail, steaming in the sea, arriving at destination, unload from the ship, carry the bag, box and/or the container out of the port to unpack–un-stuff, deliver the goods to factory, user and/or consumers. Do you see any alternative to this necessity?
Transport is the mother of all businesses.
We are made to stay poor, by the enemy of the Muslims community in particular and enemy of the Humanity in general. What exactly are the reasons that kept us poor as society, community, and nation, since long? Foreign Trade and related transport is one of the few main reasons which kept us poor as society, community and as a nation, since long and bound to stay like this if we refuse to realize. Obviously nothing can change if we wish not to change.
Transportation is one of the biggest component of the total economy of any country of the world. We are just missing it out due to some deficiency in gathering information (from Qur’an and from other sources) knowledge that already abundantly available in The Noble Qur”an.

Costing us heavily though easily could be avoided at the same time it could be converted in to opportunities - prosperity for us and for our youths. It would pave the way to engage millions of youths and elderly Muslims around the world on long term basis.

By making the society, community, nation rich obviously you are not becoming poor. None among the rich people need to become poor in the country by making the community, country rich. In fact you could be even richer than what you are now by applying some solid sense in our thinking process and in our approach in life, in act and in business.
To start with we would like to request you to please read some of our logics, argument and to see some data here below which is for your information and consideration.

Islamic Finance
Monday, 15 May 2017
Group Admin
Mohammad A A Sardar
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