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  • Khadija Yousuf

    Khadija Yousuf

    Glasgow | United Kingdom | Marketing Executive at ExecutiveMuslim.com
    Interested In Career Opportunities,
    Profession Lawyer
    Member since: Wednesday, 17 August 2016
    Summary: I'am an LLB (Shariah and Law) graduate, Graduated From International Islamic University, Islamabad. I did my internship at F8 courts Islamabad for a couple months after completing my law degree. I'm planning to do LLM in Human Rights Law as this field inspires me more than the other fields of law.
    I am presently in the role of marketing executive at ExecutiveMuslim.com and hoping to help promote and brand the platform to professional Muslims across the globe.
    My team and I are hoping to make this platform a flagship for Muslim professionals, entrepreneurs, executives, businesses, corporates and registered charities.
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