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  • Zainab Ahmad

    Zainab Ahmad

    Slough | United Kingdom | Digital Marketer and Content Strategist (Inbound Certified) at Xenia WordArt Marketing | Copywriting
    Interested In Business Opportunities,Management Opportunities,New Business Ventures,Career Opportunities,Professional Networks,Professional Services,
    Profession Marketing
    Member since: Tuesday, 16 August 2016
    Summary: BUSINESS GOAL: Growing your business and increasing your sales through data-driven content, social media, influencer marketing, paid traffic campaigns and outreach, building your business as the authority in your field!

    OPEN TO:
    - suitable long-term remote positions in copywriting, content creation, inbound marketing, social media marketing and management worldwide
    - in-house positions in Europe. (Swedish citizen.)

    -Digital Marketing Strategist | Copywriter | Content Creator | Inbound Certified Marketer at http://XeniaWordArt.com
    -Digital Marketer and Community Outreach at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.


    Coaching sessions to help you set goals, free your mind, eliminate phobias, limiting beliefs and enhance your life!

    NOTE: I don't just 'call myself' a life coach, Those are a dime a dozen. To walk the talk, I put in the time and the large amounts of money required to acquire the training necessary to help myself. I have worked on ME, and now share the fruits of my experience with YOU.

    CONTACT: Send me a message to learn how I can help grow your business and get on my waiting list: zainab@xeniawordart.com. Only work with clients with a minimum monthly marketing budget of $10,000.

    ONLY with clients dedicated to taking action, committing to strategic planning and willing to do what it takes to grow personally and professionally.
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