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  • Mohamed Ismail  Ibrahim

    Mohamed Ismail Ibrahim

    Bangalore | India | Promoter at HVP
    Interested In Business Opportunities,New Business Ventures,Professional Networks,Professional Services,
    Profession Retail
    Member since: Thursday, 22 December 2016
    Summary: Asalamualikum WRBH

    I am simple guy seeking simple solutions in life,passionate about Islamic business concepts in Education,Environment,Manufacturing,Trading,Hospitality,Social enterprise and Banking

    Currently involved in manufacturing, trading Halal & Vegan cosmetics, personal care products within south India,simultaneously trying to build a team of passionate individuals who like to explore Halal Business opportunities Locally and then expand Globally with a special emphasis on women entrepreneurship and technology

    My firm belief while performing social responsibilities is that everyone can perform their parts only having two resources which are Intent and an Objective,This can be understood from the Life of our beloved Prophet(PBUH)

    I dream of being an integral part of a passionate Team which breaks into the Top 100 in one of the above mentioned disciplines of Education,Manufacturing,Trading,Hospitality,Social Enterprise or Banking. Insha Allah
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