Assalaamu Alaikum

Welcome to Executive Muslim a platform for the online professional global Muslim community to connect with one another. We serve a worldwide community of professionals, companies and registered charities.


We will join likeminded achievers, create meaningful connections, leverage individual profiles, establish beneficial relationships for Networking, Promotion and Success. We are driven by a purpose to attract positivity and committed to excellence.



Our mission is to facilitate economic and social collaboration in the Muslim world in order to help Muslims prosper wherever they may be. As a member of Executive Muslim you will gain access to a fast-growing, audience of professionals, companies and charities who all share common values, motivations and aspirations. Our aims are purely social, economic and philanthropic. We have no political leanings or agenda and no desire to promote or propagate any political persuasion. We also have zero tolerance approach to extremism.


Company Information

Executive Muslim started as an idea among a group of Muslim professionals who wanted to show the world, via an online portal, that Muslims are professional, caring, fair, ethical and humane. One social-media revolution later, followed by thousands of hours of work, brainstorming, developing, imagining and praying have been spent building up the platform to what it is today. We hope that Muslims and non-Muslims from around the world can benefit from what Executive Muslim has to offer.