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My family and I left our home in London in 2008 and have since been living a semi-nomadic lifestyle firstly in New Delhi, India and then Washington DC...
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*Nouman Ali Khan* In loving memory of Junaid Jamshed. I was in my mid teens and Vital Signs came on the scene with Dil Dil Pakistan. H...
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Xalimo: “As-salaamualaykum Fatimah! My son has just started Arabic with his new teacher” Fatimah: “Wa’alaykum as-salaam, my son has been learning A...
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"We Europeans with all our concepts and ideas have not yet attained that which Muhammad attained, and no one will ever surpass him. I searched in hist...
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KEEPING GOOD COMPANY I was recently attending a presentation on Medical Ethics where the presenter who was an American physician made a couple of sta...
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ISLĀMIC WILLS IN NON- ISLĀMIC COUNTRIES 1. WHY IT IS IMPORTANT TO WRITE A WILL If you die without making a Will, you are said to have died intestate...
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