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Flow and Starling Murmuration

by in Education
The state of 'flow" creates the willingness to both lead and follow.
If you ask someone in a state of flow what they are thinking and feeling they will say “nothing.” They have merged into an unconscious flow with the activity they are performing. They have lost their inner critic filters and are achieving greater connection, high-speed decision making, productivity, engagement and high performing teams. We must be willing to alternate seamlessly between leading and being lead.

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The flow “altered state economy” began in 415BC in Athens, Greece. Today this underground economy, hiding in plain sight, is conservatively estimated at over $4 Trillion per year. It is larger than the GNP of Britain, India or Russia.

We have a primal urge to escape habitual patterns that produce diminishing returns by altering our consciousness. Every mammal, and some birds (watch the video), have found a way to alter their consciousness. In this state, often referred to as “flow” we process more information and are more creative.


MBL is The New MBA!

Phil Johnson Founder, CEO and MBL Coach. Management and conformity is being replaced by authentic, emotionally intelligent leadership. MBL is a revolutionary change management methodology that moves beyond traditional approaches.
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