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Have you ever felt the hand of history?

by in Business News & Politics
My family and I left our home in London in 2008 and have since been living a semi-nomadic lifestyle firstly in New Delhi, India and then Washington DC & Miami. It was wonderful, therefore, to spend an extended time in London last summer (2016) and even though I have been back on countless occasions, the four months stay led me to some of my old haunts allowing me to see London from a different perspective.

When you live away from home places change, people grow up and move on. The thing that struck me most was the establishment of a strong Muslim identity. On a visit to Westfield Stratford shopping mall in East London, there were hundreds of Muslims millennials shopping and eating, the women wearing the Hijab and men with anything from designer stubble to a full beard. Halaal food was plentiful and everyone seemed comfortable and proud of their identity.

As a middle aged person, I can look back at past generations and forward to new generations. In historic terms, it was not that long ago that the Ottoman, British and French empires came to an end, in turn, creating a number of newly formed Muslim-majority countries, such as Malaysia & Pakistan. In the colonial era and for some time after Muslims looked west, their clothing and mannerisms attempting to follow the patterns of their former colonial masters. In the 1960s and 1970s the Islamic awakening began. This search for post-colonial modernity has undoubtedly led to less desirable elements, but the evolution is starting to mature at least at a social level. The Oud shops, Dolce & Gabanna designer modest outfits are all testament to this.

Islamic Commerce

Underpinning this evolution should be a strong business & career community. As Singapore-based Umar Munshi, CEO of EthisCapital, the first P2P Islamic crowdfunding platform states in his thought leading article on Linkedin, "United we Stand", the key to a successful community is unity.

As Executive Muslim reaches a community of a thousand members I cannot help but feel that the growth of this community providing inspiration, motivation, key connections and ultimately the goal of unity is "The hand of history upon my shoulder".

Let us all play our part and make history, sign up, like, comment and join the conversation.
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