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How Executive Muslim can give you a career boost

by in Business News & Politics
In theory the internet should have made the job market simpler for both recruiters and job seekers. It is easy to apply on job boards, one click and your CV has been distributed. I have been on the hiring end numerous times and the ease of applying for jobs has meant that recruiters receive hundreds if not thousands of applications for each post, most of which are not even relevant.

I was once recruiting for a SQL Database Administrator position, as part of the job description, we needed data warehousing experience. Now I cannot even begin to tell you how many applications were from people working in a warehouse!!

With that in mind, how can Executive Muslim boost your career prospects?

Primarily do not take the view that using EM is for a job hunt. Take a medium to long term view and use it instead to build your personal brand and network as this will yield long-term value for your personal brand.

How do I build a personal brand?

Start by building out your profile. Keep it brief but informative. Do not make it a CV but more use the narrative to tell your story and what you stand for.

Be engaged - Post up relevant articles - If you are a finance guy who specializes in Cost of Sales then post articles from publications about your field and comment on them. If other people post articles like them but go beyond the like and comment and ask questions. That way you will be noticed and you can spark a conversation with seniors, peers and juniors. If you are up for it, write your own content - that will really position you as an authority.

Be Helpful - Help others if they ask questions, point them in the right direction. Your engagement record will show that you are a team player and are willing to get things done. This shows your leadership skills.

Be Inquisitive - The best way to get to know people is ask them about themselves. What pains do they have? What is it like working at xxx company? show your interest in them. That way they will get to know you.

In short knowing people personally will boost your career, EM is a great tool to get to network and get to know people among a like-minded audience. The same advice would be relevant to Linkedin. The key difference is that EM has a niche smaller audience and getting noticed can be easier.

What type of articles do you like to read? Have you posted any up yourselves? Why not try it today?
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